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Bioinformatics is a complex science. Being said that Bioinformatics is also basis of modern Biological data interpretation. Our goal is to create an Ecosystem for Life Scientists so that Information Technology can work best with Biology. With our world class service and quality we are ready to support researchers and scientist around the world.

Simplify Bioinformatics


Bioinformatics data is stored in various databases. The data retrieval from these databases plays an important role in the correctness of the analysis.


Biological data analysis is the crux of Bioinformatics. Successful analysis depends on the right choice of tools and techniques.


Interpretation of the analyzed data is the key to correct insights. Logical and appropriate techniques are quite important for accurate interpretation of Biological data. 

Our Offerings


  • NCBI Submission
  • PCR Primer Designing
  • Pipeline Development
  • Data Mining Projects
  • Custom Scripting and Special Projects

  • Base Calling
  • Read Filtering and Cleaning
  • SNP/Indel Calling
  • Exome Analysis
  • ChIP-Seq Analysis
  • RNA-Seq Analysis
  • Whole Genome de novo Assembly

  • Designing of Microarray probes for Gene Expression/CGH/SNP Microarrays
  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • Comparative Genome Analysis
  • LOH/Aberration calling using Microarrays

  • Genome Annotations
  • Genome Mapping
  • Variant Annotation
  • Metagenomic Analysis
  • Microbiome Analysis
  • Transcriptome Annotation

  • Target Identification
  • Target Validation
  • ADME Check
  • Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Docking


We provide offsite and onsite Bioinformatics training. The topics can be tailored as per the requirements.

Our Complete NGS Data Analysis course is designed as per industry requirements. We cover all the major topics which includes Base Calling, Read Filtering and Cleaning, SNP/Indel Calling, Variant Annotation. The course also covers topics like Exome Analysis. RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq data analysis.

In this course, we have designed several modules which covers Linux for Bioinformatics, Biopython and R programming with Bio-conductor package. For more details please click here

This course covers end to end In Silico drug development. The course can be taken as online or offline. Here the candidate gets an opportunity to work on real life challenges and publish the work in reputed journals.

We have designed internship courses of various duration for candidates seeking advance knowledge in Bioinformatics. There are two types of internship available - 

  1. Complete NGS Data Analysis & Programming for Biologists
  2. Computer Aided Drug Design & Programming for Biologists

The duration of the internship can be from 1 month to 1 year. Contact us to get more details.