Simplify Bioinformatics

GeneSpectrum provides customized data analysis services and consultation to scientist from academia and industry, with the aim of advancing their research using cutting-edge bioinformatics methodologies. The projects we receive span a wide range of research areas in biology, biotechnology, agriculture and medicine.

We help with design, analysis and interpretation of genomic-scale experiments, involving, for example, next-generation sequencing (NGS), etc. Our services are listed below.

Clinical Genomics

  • Pipeline development for Germline and Somatic variant detection
  • Variant filtration and reporting services
  • Annotation services
  • Variant interpretation based on ACMG/AMP guidelines
  • Pharmacogenomic reporting


  • WGS/WES Data Analysis
  • Targeted Sequencing Analysis
  • Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS/ddRAD)
  • De Novo Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Population Genetics Studies


  • Total RNA-Seq (Whole Transcriptome) Sequencing Data Analysis
  • RNA-Seq (mRNA) Data Analysis
  • Small RNA Resequencing Data Analysis
  • Single Cell RNA Sequencing Data Analysis


  • Analysis of species composition and abundance
  • Genome components analysis
  • Generate non-redundant gene catalog
  • Gene functional annotations
  • Comparative analysis among samples


  • ChIP Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Genome-wide Bisulphite Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Reduced Representation Bisulphite Sequencing Data Analysis

Custom BioIT Services

  • Annotation and Gene Prediction
  • NCBI And SRA submission
  • Bioinformatics Software Development
  • Data Mining Projects
  • Custom Scripting and Special Projects

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