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About GeneSpectrum

          GeneSpectrum is a Startup which provides Bioinformatics solutions for Cancer Genomics Research, NGS Data Analysis, Bioinformatics Pipeline Development, amongst others.

          Our founder has over 8+ years of experience working with Cancer Genomics data and has worked with one of the global leading Microarray and Targeted Resequencing solution provider Company. With our expertise and extensive experience we aim to leverage Bioinformatics to get proper insights from the experimental data.


Biology is complex and to get most out of it the best way is to experiment. The experimentation brings huge data and organization, analysis and interpretation of this data is a challenge. 

At GeneSpectrum, we believe that Bioinformatics is the potential solution to solve such Biological problems. 


GeneSpectrum is committed to provide high quality Bioinformatics service to scientific community.

With the help of our innovative methodology we aim to transform the process of complex data analysis into simple and interactive task.


Our goal is to become an international leader in Bioinformatics services. 

We keep our self updated with the latest trends in technology and that helps us to innovate new methods to develop cutting edge solutions for Life Sciences community.

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